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I’m sad to say I’m not updating with talk on writing or much talk at all, though I suppose you all are getting used to that by now.

No, a lot has been going on, and I haven’t had much time to do much of anything–even the things I need to do. But the things I want to do? Forget about it!

So, let me be very brief and make promises for the future like I always will:

  • I got engaged (wedding planning sucks!)
  • I’m being converted as a full-time employee at my job
  • I’m editing a book for RHX still
  • I’m not going to the gym 😦
  • I’m not writing 😦
  • I AM doing a LOT of things around the house/”homestead” that you can read about here: Acre Hill Farm

So I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get caught up at work, and get plants in the ground at home and build cages for animals, and plan a wedding that will be happening in a little over four months (can I say that I need to go to the gym enough?).

So I’m counting down the days to September 30, when I can breathe and start to have more time to myself. Until then, I need to start writing whenever I can between everything else that’s on my plate!

Here’s to hoping for a better update in the next few weeks.


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