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I haven’t written at all this weekend, like I wanted to, but here is what I did do:

  • Went to a funeral. Let me just say, no matter what, funerals suck.
  • Visited with some of Mike’s family. The circumstances were sad, but seeing them is always good.
  • Ran around like crazy returning things and then buying everything we could get our hands on. But we’re ready for canning and freezing our vegetables!
  • Cooked/baked more than I have in WEEKS. The menu included chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, meringues, venison chili, chicken meatloaf, black cherry venison (still marinating in the fridge), turkey and chicken meatloaf, apple spice cupcakes, beef and cheddar gravy, pie crust cinnamon rolls, citrus water, blueberry lime water, strawberry/blueberry/mint water, and whole grain bread (ate a few slices with some cheddar crab dip I found in the freezer). Hungry yet?
  • Packaged up a lot of said food for the freezer. What, you didn’t think I ate all that this weekend, did you?!
  • Worked on the chicken coop some more! Painted the inside, put up the outside and then painted it!

ImageSee, this is the coop in the middle of putting up siding. Now all we need is to get approval from the Board of Zoning Appeals so we can actually own the chickens. But that’s a long story for another day.


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