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I haven’t died or fallen off the planet (I cling to it pretty desperately, actually).

I haven’t rolled my “new” Jeep or been fired from my new job or any of those things. I unfortunately haven’t been writing, reading enough, or exercising enough. I’m proud of the first two things, and working on the last three.

A lot has changed in the past five weeks, but not so much that it’s much of a change.

Just enough that I can say with utter certainty that my brain is tired and that I owe a post to this blog and some writing to my story and some time to myself (and some time to clean the house and a money tree in my backyard).

I mean, I told Mike about a half an hour ago: “I be there when I be there.” In utter seriousness. It took me a second to realize that is not proper English. At all. That’s how tired my brain was.

And I’m going to do it again tomorrow.

And then I’m going to write and clean the dirty dishes in the sink (I learned a few weeks ago that leaving dirty dishes in the sink for 5 days is a very, very bad idea) and clean the house even just a bit and keep learning to drive stick and go to a graduation and a graduation party and go to a writing meeting and try to find some time to lie around outside and look at the shapes in the clouds or catch fireflies.

Did I mention my birthday’s in two weeks? Or that June is the best month in the year? I’ll get to that soon.

Before I stop this tangent: Camp NaNoWrimo should be starting tomorrow. I only just remembered but I should find a way to schedule that in.


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